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What do you have bookmarked in your web browser?

Here's what fellow teens enjoy. But remember, just because a friend recommends it, doesn't mean it is necessarily an accurate and authoritative site. Check it out for yourself! Not sure how, see my guide at the bottom of the page.

I recommend:

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Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Albums

If you are into scrapbooking or just want a creative way to share your photos, try MixBook. With MixBook, you can:

- Create albums from your photos

- Collaborate with friends to combine photos into a single album.

- Share your finished album on Facebook and Flikr.

- Order an old-fashioned hard copy of your photo album.

Online Digital Albums are Free to make and share. MixBook charges to produce a print version for you.
Mixbook also allows you to create personalized cards and stationery.

Ryan recommends:

Ryan is interested in sites about ki. Here are a couple of websites he enjoys.
Zero beam cannon
Full ki training course
Ryan recommends beginning with the starter course.

How do I know what's a good website?


Here is a list of questions to ask about a web page to decide if
it a good source of information. (This list comes from Widener
University, a trustworthy source.):
Questions to ask about a website

Here is another site, this time from Cornell University, with a
chart to help you decide if a website is a good source of

5 criteria for evaluating webpages

One great starting point for finding good information on the Internet is the Internet Public Library (ipl2). All websites here have been checked out to be sure they are reliable. Here's a link to their Teen Page:

IPL2 For Teens

Picture: 2nd Anoniversary by Anonymouse9000

Another important issue on the Internet is safety and privacy.

Here's a website that discusses things like privacy settings on Facebook and tips for video sharing. It goes beyond the obvious advice of don't give out your name and address or passwords.

Connect Safely


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