June 2010

Another week

It's been great having our daughter home, even if she has "put me in my place" again as a parent. It's not a bad thing to be reminded that no matter how hard we try, from a 20 year old's perspective, the adult just doesn't get it. It's all good, because I made sure to let her know there are some things about me that she doesn't get either. It's hard to know when you end the discussion at 2 a.m., but I think we cleared the air a bit. And we did have a good time shopping yesterday.

I've been putting more time into this wiki again. I finally figure out how to edit the tabs at the top of the page. I've also started listing books, complete with images, that I'm book talking for the teens. That page is only linked from the For Teens Only page. I tried to start a Shelfari bookshelf for the new YA books, but I'm having trouble getting the widget to work properly. It showed once and now won't come up again. I may have to go in and manually enter the images, etc.

I wonder if anyone actually looks at this site. I guess it's a useful skill to learn and gives me something for my digital portfolio. But I'd like to think that it actually has a purpose. Otherwise the whole exercise feels a bit narcissistic. OK, so the combination of sleep deprivation and sinus headache is not conducive to positive thinking. It must be time to shut up now. ;)

(posted 27 June 2010)

Thoughts on the start of the Summer Reading Program

After two out of three events in the first week of the Summer Reading Program, I can see that this is going to keep me very busy this summer! Thank goodness for summer hires who are enthusiastic about working with kids and an incoming new staff member who also is happy to do kids programming!

The CYSS Middle School visit on Monday had several highlights, once I got over the shock of having 20 teens. I did my first-ever book talk (on Anthony Horowitz's Stormbreaker) and got very positive feedback. The teens reaffirmed that they enjoy crafts and even requested that I read picture books to them! By the end of an hour, they'd all gotten a short introduction to the meaning of the different Internet domains and the beginning of how to evaluate websites. One girl began creating a zine and another started compiling a list of general websites for kids. But I now know that I will have to be more organized for this group. I gave a lot of options, but needed to have a more structured setup for splitting them. Next week will be much smaller group because most will be at Italy Beach Week with Club Beyond.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the CYSS School Aged Kids visited, all 29 of them. This time I had help and was able to split them into 3 groups. I started chapter books with the older kids and read a couple of picture books to the K-1 crowd. And the number of starfish on the wall is growing! Today is the public program with ages from 3 to about 12. We'll do the same activities and books as I did for the CYSS. I'm anxious to see how many kids actually come. The CYSS kids and teens are a captive audience.

Pictures from the Island Party on available on the Summer Reading Program page as JPG files and I posted some for all to see. (posted 23 June 2010)

What a turn out!

I don't think the Brussels Library has ever had so many people in it at one time. We counted nearly 60 kids at the party this afternoon! Wow! I'm still feeling stunned! (18 June 2010)

Back to being busy

I've really enjoyed the combination of my term break and the end of all of those school year activities, like Girl Scout meetings. But the new term starts Monday and it's time for the Summer Reading Program. The kickoff party is tomorrow afternoon. I'm a bit concerned because feedback I'm getting sounds like attendance will be considerably higher than I anticipated. I'm also starting to fear that I may come up short on incentive prizes. There are already 31 kids registered for the program and that doesn't include the CYSS Camp Adventure participants. Wow! I know that doesn't sound like a lot of kids. But given the small size of this community, that's HUGE!

I've got a definite plan for my first Middle School event of the summer on Monday. I'll start by explaining the options I have available for them. Besides working on the teen page of this wiki, I'm suggesting they may want to produce a zine. I'm also setting up a "You've GOT to read this" shelf by the new YA book section. On my To-Do List for the weekend is some experimentation with Animoto. I need to see if they'll let me set up a free educator's account with the teens as my students. Finally, they can put together Pathfinders or Lists of Websites for Elementary School Kids. The idea is that they learn some good Internet searching skills as well as how to evaluate websites. Plus, the CYSS requires them to do some sort of community service or volunteering as part of the program and the staff will count this as service. I plan to booktalk Mare's War. It's a great book. Then we'll have some fun: Limbo and making crazy critters with seashells. I'm really hoping that these kids will connect with this program. It will definitely be interesting to do this program while I'm also taking the course in Resources for Young Adults.

I've actually packed the camera to go the library tomorrow. So I should have pictures to post tomorrow night. Fingers crossed that the kids have fun at the party! (posted 17 June 2010)

Slow progress on the wiki

It's my own fault for choosing a wiki platform that actually requires using wiki markup language or html. I guess that means I'll learn more from this process. I have figured out how to attach files and include images. I've also learned how to color the text. I guess the next step will be to figure out if I have more control over the font than just bold, italicize and underline. Wonder if I should also figure out how to add an RSS feed… . I also need to explore some more and see if this really is the best way to use this page as a blog.

Somehow, the idea of writing a blog seems pretty narcissistic. Why would anyone want to read my babbling about myself. Once I get this wiki to a decent stage, I guess I'll focus my postings on my thoughts about issues in libraries, especially service to children and young adults.

Ah well, time to get this afternoon's story time sorted. At some point, I really do need to finish my grant proposal assignment. Then I'll be finished my course work for the term. (posted June 2, 2010)

Hi everyone and welcome to my library wiki!

It is definitely a work a in progress and will be a place for me to test out my ideas. Along the way I'll be posting information on what I'm up to at the Brussels library, including current children's programming. I'm including a Teen Page where I hope some of the Brussels Middle School students will brainstorm, suggest books and generally help me figure out what I'm doing online.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License