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Looking for help with that math assignment? Not sure where to go to do research for that history paper? Don't have time to get to the library? Help is at hand!

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Don't forget

Your librarian can be your best Homework Help. Just ask!

New Internet Search Tool

  • Tired of getting what seems like a million returns on your Google Search?
  • Sick of wading through the poor quality sites to find a reliable source of information?

Try SearchCredible.com.
This tool does not combine all of the search engines in one search. But it does provide a selection of targeted tools that should make it easier to find the information you need. Don't forget that some of the databases are also available on computers in the Brussels Library or online through Army Europe Libraries using your My Account log in. For more information on that, scroll down to the Virtual Reference Library entry on this page! (2 August 2010)

Basic Homework Help

Here are some websites to get you started:


Hippocampus is a free, one-stop educational resource with information on multiple subjects from Algebra to Calculus and Biology to US History.

Multnomah County Library's Homework Center is a collection of online resources chosen by a librarian to answer real-life homework questions that have been asked in libraries.


IPL2 is the Internet Public Library. This site is an amazing collection of free online resources to help you answer any question you might have! Check out the section just For Teens where you can get homework help, find games to play when you're bored or learn to handle your finances.

Can't find the answer yourself, Ask an ipl2 librarian. Who knows, I may even be the one answers your question.

The IPL2 is sponsored by the iSchool at Drexel University, where I'm studying to get my Master's Degree in Library Science.

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Virtual Reference Library

Have you ever found a site, like Britannica Online, that looks great only to discover it costs money to use it? You can actually access not only Britannica Online, but many other databases for free through the Army Europe Libraries website.


Here are a few choices you may find useful:
* Credo reference - hundreds of reference books
* History study center
* Junior Edition (Gale) - designed for K-12 students, includes magazines, newspapers & reference books
* Literature Resource Center - may make AP Lit a bit easier

The full list is here:
Army Library E-resources

How to get access:

You will need to set up Web Access for your library account. Once you do that, you can access all of the eresources from any computer plus you can renew your library materials or place your own requests! The directions are here:

My Account Access

Having trouble setting it up? Come in to the library and ask us to help you.

Tutor Services


If your family is Active Duty military or in deployed status, you can use Tutor.com for free!

Jiskha has more than 200 volunteer tutors available to help you. Post a question to the discussion board or chat with a live tutor.

After Graduation

What's next? How do you begin to decide what you want to do? Here are some resources to help you get started planning the rest of your life.

O*Net Resource Center is a career exploration tool sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. This site will help you match your skills and interests with possible jobs.

MyFuture.com will help you figure out what is next. On this site you can:

  • Find a career
  • Get help to get into college
  • Explore the military

Mapping Your Future
Think you're too young to start thinking about your career? This site has information for everyone from Middle School students to Graduate School students and Parents!
  • Explore careers
  • Plan to take the right classes in high school
  • Learn about ways to pay for college
  • Play "Show me the future!"


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